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September 3, 2012
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Summer's lullaby 14.14 by DorottyaS Summer's lullaby 14.14 by DorottyaS
today, I'm feeling ready

My sister, Anna :heart:

Well, here we are! The summer is over! I'll move to Budapest on Wednesday and the school is starting on the next Monday.

The last week of summer wasn't a big thing. It was all about getting things what I will need in my dorm.

On Monday, I went to take photos for my self-portrait project and also for my heart project. I had beautiful lights! I guess, I will never do things like this on Budapest. Where can I find the right place for self-portraits in a big city? I don't like the busy places but I'm afraid of they would kill me for my kidney if I go to an abandoned place.

The next day, I met Szilvi and we took some pictures :) It was good to see her before the school starts. I will miss her. We were sitting next to each other in the school in the last 4 years. Anyway, we had a beautiful location for the shoot. The lights weren't good, but I did my best I guess. At least, I met Szilvi :)

There was nothing special in Wednesday. I got some things for college and I read my favorite Meg Cabot book in English. I hope I can finish it :)

I really don't remember the next day. I think it was boring an nothing important happened.

On Friday, I met my friends Nedda, Kriszti and Kriszta. Nedda is going to be my roommate in Budapest!!! They were so nice and gave me a super cut mug for my birthday (I guess we haven't met since July). Then we went to our favorite café. It's sad if I think about that we wouldn't do this too much in the next months. I will miss days like this so much!

On Saturday, my mum and I went to Győr to shopping. I needed so many things before I go to Budapest. I got many nice things and a really good time with my mum :aww:
Peti came home from Budapest so we meet after I came home from Győr. It's soooo good to see him after this long time! (Okay, it's only a week but it seemed pretty much for me...)

We celebrated my grandma's nameday on Sunday. Her name is Rozália. We had lunch together then when I went home; I met Peti again and had a walk. We drank a tea in our favorite bakery then went home because he wanted to catch the train.

So the Summer is over. We go back to school very soon.
This project wasn't as good as I expected but at the end I started to really like it. It was a diary and I hope it will help me to remember every amazing moment of this season.

I hope you had a nice Summer too!

Week 14
August 27, 2012 - September 02, 2012

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but she's just my sister :)
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